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In 2006, agricultural chemicals, chemical fertilizers, plant growth regulators, formulated, manufactured, imported and exported in the name of AGNOVA. - In 2007, in the Tarsus-Mersin Organized Industrial Zone the factory was established and production started. - In 2008, glyphosate technical material production started, 2.8 million liters glyphosate exports to European Union countries. Turkey's leader in exports this year, plant protection products, while in the order of chemical industry export has become 12nd of Mersin. - One of the largest agricultural companies in the Middle East in mid-2010 Partnership with Astra Industrial Complex for Fertilizer and Agrochemical Company In the name of ASTRANOVA AS, we aimed to serve our country's agriculture more strongly. - In 2010, the company was taken over by ASTRACHEM As a natural consequence, the rate of growth and development has increased: - ISO certification has been added to the quality management system. - The SAP system has started to be used in production and sales planning.
NANOFARM CHEMICAL AND AGRICULTURAL MARKETING INDUSTRY. TIC. LTD. STI company was established in Turkey's most fertile agricultural areas and at the heart of agriculture in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone in 2010. It has a production and storage facility of organic, inorganic and organomineral fertilizers in liquid, powder and gel forms . NANOFARM, taking into account soil quality and climatic conditions, in the field of plant nutrition, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium primary nutrient products; calcium, magnesium secondary nutrient products; manufactures high quality fertilizers that increase product productivity in agriculture, including copper, zinc and trace element blended products and presents them to the conscious agricultural sector. We also define specific products; Our fertilizers are enriched with plant growth regulators, seaweed, amino acids and organic acids. All of our products are produced within the licenses obtained from the T.C. General Directorate of Agricultural Production and Development of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Our company continues its efforts to reach all over the country as a production and distribution network at home, but has started our foreign sales since the beginning of 2017. NANOFARM, which wants to concentrate on exports by addressing its demands in the foreign market, has started to invest in new machinery.
Our aim is to create value and contribute to the ongoing success of our customers. In short, we aim to earn the trust of our customers every day. Agromiks Limited is a feed additive producer company located in Kemalpasa- Izmir / Turkey. We provide in-depth technical support and guidance to all customers, on aspects of poultry, cattle,fish and equine nutrition. We are flexiable for production To meet customers' demands. We are producing our product mainly with aromatic and essential oils, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids which have been designed to increase the production efficiency,feed intake and supports immune system. For our products we use the highest quality raw materials whose effects have been scientifically proven. We aim at the highest quality in order to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients - veterinary doctors , farmers and feed factories in Turkey and abroad. In addition to our own production also providing to the companies contract manufacturing. There is ISO 22000, GMP and ISO 9001 at the company.
Ufuk Tarim is the producer and marketer of agricultural products such as EC Fertilizers, Plant Growth Regulators, Organic Fertilizers and Agricultural Helping substances since 1998. The company’s products are in international standards notably in European Standards and it is known as leading the field with the brand of AGRONOM and AGROMIX. In its sector with the aim of enhancing the quality and protect the harvest Ufuk Tarim has developed, registered and produced formulations 1. In accordance with Organic Agriculture, EUROP-GAP or Conventional and Agricultural production process 2. In accordance with the plant type such as mango, grape, hazelnut, cotton, fruits and vegetables 3. In accordance with the vegetative period (seeding, blossom, fruit) 4. In accordance with the type of the application (mixed with soil, drip irrigation, by spraying) 5. In accordance with the type of the soil (acidic, alkaline, neutral,) 6. In accordance with the type of the area and the attribute of the harvest (cropland, greenhouse, soil and hydroponic agriculture) 7. In accordance with the usage dose (Single Dose and Multi Dose) 8. In custom fields such as Grape Dip Concentrate, Wild Animal Repellent. The company has many unique, innovative and initial products. Such as Fe-EDDHA 6% (5 ortho, ortho ) first in the middle east and single dosage fertilizers first in the world. Moreover Research and Development activities are on progress. These products are divided in two main groups considering the customer. 1. General Agriculture 2. Urban Agriculture
Since we entered the sector as Sector, we have brought respect to nature and people to our name. In the continuity of the world's change, we have adapted to the demands of people for production and consumption. This alignment has enabled us to manage accurate analysis and advanced target perceptions, but has a solid R & D management. As Sector, we have achieved success with our values ​​and knowledge sources in Turkish and World agriculture. In order to sustain natural life and Turkish agriculture and increase productivity, we fulfill our obligations and diligence in every stage of import and export production. For 16 years, adhering to high values ​​and ethical production line, from our employees to our suppliers, we have been on our way to becoming a big family while preserving all dynamics from our solution partners to our end consumers. With our 16 years experience we gain the smart production facility in agriculture in Turkey. We became the new culture of agriculture. - 15.120 tons of solid plant nutrition production per year - Annual 21.120 tons of liquid plant nutrition production -14,000 tons of product imports from 7 countries - Logistic network with daily 400 tons product capacity -Export to Middle East, Turkic Republics & Europe -23 Distributor - 1,500 dealers,
Oligro is a fertilizer brand produced in the modern factory owned by Olimpum, founded in Bursa. Thirty-five years of deep-rooted experience and intensive R & D work in global chemical raw materials supply constitute the core of Oligro quality. Formulated with the principle of sustainability in agriculture, advanced technology water-soluble NPK, trace element, liquid and bio-fertilizers are the right choices to achieve the best crop yield and all the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Oligro is growing every day and renewing itself constantly to make its happy customers even happier in many countries of the world. Oligro makes the mother earth SMILE : )